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Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.
Affiliation No. : 2430409.

Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi,
Affiliation No. : 2430409

Gyanjyoti Public School


Curriculum & Courses of Study(Scheme of Studies)

Rosebud / Playgroup : English, Mathematics, Drawing (No book concern).

Nursery & KG : Bengali/Hindi, English, Mathematics, Art and Drawing.

Class I to Class IV : Bengali/Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Value Education, Life Skill,Computer, Sanskrit, Art & Craft, Karate, Physical Education, Music and G.K.

Class IX and X : Bengali/Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, Foundation of InformationTechnology, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Music.

Class XI and XII : (Science Stream)Any five of the following: English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Physical Education.

Class XI and XII : (Humanities)Any five of the following : English, History, Business, Economics, Physical Education, Hindi, Bengali, IP.


Elegibility to Appear in the Examination

To be eligible to appear in the annual examination a student must ensure 75% attendance of the total lessons delivered ineach subject.

A student must ensure satisfactory behavior in & outside the classroom throughout his/her stay in the school. A student must ensure regular home work to the entire satisfaction of the subject teacher. A student who fails to score at.

leastthe minimum qualifying marks laid down by the school, will not be eligible to appear in the examination. A clearancecertificate from the school clearly stating that he has paid all school dues.

Code of Conduct For Students

The students of GYANJYOTI Public School Nadia are required to:

1. Students should attend school in time and come in neat uniform (shoes polished and washed socks) tie, school belt, hair cutand nails cut.

2. Students should carry proper text books and note books to school in the school bags.

3. Students should be respectful and courteous to teachers, parents, fellow students and non-teaching staff at all times.

4. Students will maintain cleanliness in school premises.

5. Students will refrain from damaging the school property.

6. Bangles, rings, bracelets, tattoos, mehandi of any kind are not permitted.

7. Students are forbidden to bring mobile, phones, valuable articles, cash etc.

8. Misbehavior in school premises, buses and involving in any fight will be strictly dealt with.

9. Use of foul language, scratching and scribbling in furniture, walls will be strictly dealt with.

10. Disciplinary action will be taken against any unacceptable behaviour like irregular attendance, disruptive behavior,neglect of studies, homework etc.

11. The medium of instruction is English and students are expected to communicate in English.

12. Punctuality is essential at all times.