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Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.
Affiliation No. : 2430409.

Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi,
Affiliation No. : 2430409

Gyanjyoti Public School

Our Mission

It is the mission of our educational institution to provide a nurturing environment for the students. We aim totransform the youngsters through sound academic education with a distinct worldview. We are committed to empower the students in overcoming current and future challenges as they develop personal growth, civic responsibility and social awareness. Our faculty and amenities would support the young minds as they develop into informed and productive individuals in the global community. We would provide transformative academic experience for our students focusing on intricate disciplinary knowledge, communication skills and leadership abilities.

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Our Vision

We envision forging a positive and strong connection with our students. The students would gain confidence and become independent as they imbibe knowledge and critical skills through proper guidance and training. Our institution would provide the young minds with varied opportunities of growth and development as they ascend the ladder in academia. We have created a caring and trusting environment for our students so that they can feel nurtured. Our relationship with the students is characterized by positivity and encouragement. We believe that individual development occurs when the students feel respected and appreciated. Our institution thrives on a culture that is characterized by strengthening the potential of the students. We prepare our students for succeeding on many levels within the community and the global domain. It is our purpose to prepare our students as they tread on the path of life with an empowered sense of self and strong personality.